Welcome to David's Photography

Photographer based in Monticello Mn. serving seniors, families, and business head shots. in the sounding area.

I am an interpreter, an illustrator, a story teller. My job is to make a two dimensional piece of paper come to life. My mission is to make a statement about you without saying a word. My goal is to create a portrait that communicates your personality, emotions and interests. My hope is that I will capture split seconds of time today that you will cherish years from now. Sessions like this, don’t just happen. They are conceived in our minds eye first through a pre-portrait planning session at the studio or through a Zoom meeting where we dream and imagine the statement you want to make. Then we review the price list and reconcile your vision and budget. This planning session is free because we all want to be on the same page. You are in total control of how simple or complex your session or sessions get. We have very few packages because client’s needs are as diverse as their vision and packages tend to force you into things you don’t want. I have minimum commitments based on the amount of time I invest in you portraits but within that there is tremendous flexibility. I will go over all of that when you come in.

Give me a call, and we will find a time to get together and plan your session or sessions. There are many more images on the website. Take a look and start to imagine your portraits.

David Hyttsten, Professional Photographer, Master Photographer, Monticello Photographer