Linzie – Big Lake ” The session was SO MUCH FUN! The really cool and unique thing about it is that YOU get to choose what you want to do!”

Marijane – Big Lake “I had the most amazing time! It was a one of a kind experience I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.”

Bailey Bischoff – Big Lake ” It was so much fun creating a theme, as well as taking pictures that were so professional and unique. I had a wonderful time and I would recommend David’s to anyone looking for unique photos.”

Chris Couquette – St. Michael “What can I say? I wanna go back for another shoot! Haha. I felt like another member of the team, giving suggestions as to where we could take more photos and what sorts of poses I could strike. It was a lot of fun.”

McKenzie – Eden Prairie “It was the absolute perfect day too! The time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go. I could have walked around downtown for hours with them. Watching people stop and watch us was hilarious, I almost felt like a movie star! I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Jamie – Eden Prairie ” It was crazy how fast the time went by. I came up with an idea of the type of pictures I wanted and they were more than willing to get the picture. There was never a dull moment! I also really liked that they never made me sit in one of those weird uncomfortable poses, and really just took pictures of what was natural for me.”

Angie Eli – Monticello “The photo shoot was incredible. He knows exactly where to go with each outfit and they even got us into a local gym. By the end of the gym shoot, I actually felt like I got a decent workout in for the day:). Overall, If I could sum up the experience in one word, it’d be amazing.”

Mary Margarette – Holy Angels “He found the coolest places downtown to coordinate with my outfits and I had an amazing time. The best part was that David took my raw ideas and turned them into reality. He also came up with cool new ideas that I hadn’t even thought of but totally loved..”

Mackinzie Dutton – Eden Prairie “He helped me relax right away and figure out what direction I wanted to go for the shoot. It was awesome to find spots that captured the essence of me.”

Ali Melgard – Buffalo “Getting photographs taken by David’s was a great experience! He took great care of me and always made sure I was comfortable. It was all about bringing out my personality and I will never forget it! Thank you David.”

Maria Feldam – Eden Prairie “The feeling I got while on this photo shoot was so free and natural…David made me feel comfortable the entire time. The best part was getting treated like a princess – I felt like a million bucks! This was definitely a highlight.”

Hannah Ulrich – Eden Prairie “This was hands down one of the most fun days in my life! David’s goes above and beyond what you want or ask for. I had such a blast! I highly recommend David’s if you are looking for a fun time along with flexibility, patience and enthusiasm! This was one of the best experiences of my life!! I love David’s!”

Evan Wise – Holy Angels ” I had a lofty goal in mind for the shoot, but he made it come to life in just a matter of a couple hours! His knowledge of places to shoot in Minneapolis is amazing. He came up with the coolest ideas left and right, and I could barely keep up sometimes! I’m beyond excited for my senior shoot.”

Sam Heskin – St. Michael “David strives to find the best light for me, and made sure my poses were absolutely perfect! I trusted Davids ability to find great spots and use of natural light. The opportunity to see the photos as they were being shot was amazing! Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

Vanessa – Elk River “I couldn’t have kicked my senior year off any better! David made it easy and stress-free. My senior pictures wasn’t just some photo shoot… it was a real experience! I was catered to and got pics that captured the real me!”

Elise – Monticello “Thanks David for a super fun day. I really enjoyed how they worked together to come up with creative ideas for pictures. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. If you are considering scheduling senior pictures through them, you will not regret it!”