It’s not fair!

but it happens all the time.

People make split second decisions - judgments actually, about your personality, integrity, and competence, based on the picture you use for your professional head shot. A photograph has the power to convey pages of information about you in a split second. That is why the portrait you use on your website, social media and business cards is so important. Expression, posing, body language, colors, shapes, highlights, shadow intensity, and camera angle all combine to subliminally communicate volumes about you to your prospective client.

Professionally they call me a photographer, but really I am an interpreter. My job is to take a flat piece of paper and to make it talk, not just facts, but emotions. With just the tip of the head, I can communicate arrogance, confidence, or insecurity. With the eyes I can portray determination, charm or manipulation.
Saving a few dollars on your head shot can be the most expensive picture you will ever buy.
Call today to update your business portrait. Packages start at under $110.

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