What Makes David’s Unique?

David Hyttsten – Photographer

For more years than he is willing to admit, David has been taking award-winning portraits, but he will tell you that he’s just been telling stories about people and loving every minute of it. What he probably won’t tell you is that he is nationally recognized as an accomplished portrait photographer with a long list of prestigious awards to show for it. That means your portraits will not only reflect your heart and soul, but they will be unparalleled in quality and skill. His knowledge of posing, lighting, composition, retouching, and printmaking insures that your finished portraits will be a priceless work of art treasured for all time. David has always been, and will continue to be, passionate about preserving special moments for seniors and families. It’s the essence of what David’s Photography is all about. David is also crazy passionate about food (just ask him about his favorite restaurants!) and good coffee…does anyone sense a theme here?